'We find suitable employees on behalf of our customers.. The active search includes the following services:
• Consulting the customer
• Writing and publishing advertisements
• Active searching for suitable applicants
• Preselection of, and interviews with applicants
• Writing reports on applicants
• Organization of job interviews
• Obtaining references
• INSIGHTS MDI® potential analysis and assessments
• Advising applicants and customers in the decision

Active Search

Many jobs remain unfilled for a long time due to a lack of skilled workers. We find the suitable applicants even for difficult-to-fill positions. Meanwhile, we filled more than half of the posts through direct contact. For purposeful searching we use:
• Our networks
• The EVOJOB database
• The social networks (LinkedIn, Xing, ...)
• Direct contact, Head Hunting

Qualified applicants are welcome in our database. Call us on 079 430 47 45 or send us your speculative application to


We support people in reorientation and qualify the candidates for an independent search for a new job. This process includes the following steps:
• Getting to know what happened, and explaining the procedure
• INSIGHTS MDI® personality profile
• Workbook => goals and dreams
• Workshop options
• Set goals and check feasibility
• Revise CV, LinkedIn and Xing
• Application training
• Coaching during the application phase