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We have 20 years of experience in headhunting and HR consulting for experts and executives.

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We work quickly, professionally, reliably, and with confidence.

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We have a large headhunter network and address suitable candidates directly and on social networks.

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As an employer, you definitely ask yourself the following due to the shortage of skilled workers:

  • How much does it cost if vacancies are not filled for a long time?
  • Do job adverts generate a sufficient response rate?
  • What about employer branding?
  • What is our turnover rate? Do we have suitable actions in place to keep employees busy?
  • Should we employ professional headhunters who have mastered social recruiting and direct contact and thus bring a larger selection of candidates?
  • How much time does it take on average for a vacancy to be filled?
  • “Make or buy”, a classic management decision. Outsourcing and qualified support can help to save costs.

As headhunters and HR consultants and due to our deep insight into the job market, we have the answers to your questions. With our expertise and experience, we will be happy to advise you. By applying professional search across all channels, we usually find suitable candidates in 2-3 months, even for vacancies that are difficult to fill. Call us at +41 79 430 37 45.

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Why us?

We have 20 years of headhunting and HR consulting experience and find perfect candidates for SMEs and large corporations. We have the proper networks and contacts to find fitting candidates for you and your company in the shortest time possible. As headhunters, we are very familiar with the job market, various industries, and the education and training landscape. Our consultants have years-long management experience and plenty of experience in recruiting and evaluating candidates.

Are you looking for the perfect person for your vacancy?

Are you a company owner or HR manager looking for the most suitable candidate for a vacancy for a long time? You would like a replacement for a responsible position and cannot find the employee of your choice in the traditional way. Or you are faced with a reorganization and need a trustworthy advisor.

We have the network, the experience as headhunters, and plenty of change process experience. We fill vacancies across Switzerland. Call us to make an appointment without obligations at +41 79 430 37 45.

Interesting headhunting news and blog articles

Would you like to learn more about our activities as headhunters in and around Zurich, Bern, Basel, and Western Switzerland? So please read our interesting articles on this topic.

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What our customers say about us

Since EVOJOB is strongly anchored in the HVCSE industry and is also familiar with the challenges of our industry, we occasionally exchange information about Swiss market trends and developments. In addition, we are involved in further training of prospective marketing and sales professionals. Since Mr. Zenklusen knows the industry inside out, he is more than just a recruitment agent for me. He is a contact person with whom I can maintain an active exchange.

Martin Zenklusen distinguishes himself through very professional interviews. It is important for him to get the exact insights of the candidate. It is not only about the supposed “perfect match”, it is about finding the candidate who will move their customer forward the most. Unfortunately, most recruiters only look at their own benefit and don’t want to make any mistakes with regard to the customer. In doing so, they forget the people behind them. Thanks to his experience and career, Mr. Zenklusen is refreshingly different.

I am happy to recommend Martin Zenklusen as a competent recruiter. After acquainting himself with our company first, he promptly presented valid candidates. Thanks to his modern work practices and tools, collaboration was always efficient and easy. If needed, I would work with Martin Zenklusen again.

Find the right headhunter in Switzerland

EVOJOB: Headhunters / Personnel Consultants

If you are looking for a competent headhunter in Switzerland, you have found the right contact being EVOJOB GmbH: Headhunters / Personnel Consultants. As a headhunter, we will gladly look for experts and executives you want in and around Zurich, Bern, Basel, and French-speaking Switzerland areas who match your requirement profile. Take advantage of our more than 20 years’ HR consulting and headhunting experience in various industries.

Headhunter in Kloten near Zurich with longstanding experience

EVOJOB GmbH is a headhunting / HR consulting company based in Kloten near Zurich. We have specialized in HR consulting and recruitment as well as the selection of experts and managers. EVOJOB is looking for suitable candidates for management and key positions. We guarantee absolute discretion and great care to recruit your perfect candidate.

Headhunter in Kloten near Zurich offering extensive services

As a headhunting and HR consulting company, EVOJOB has a large network. We have been working with many returning customers for years. Our specialty is social recruiting and direct contact. This means that we find the right candidate within a very short time. We stay in contact with the employer and candidate throughout the entire application process and probation period. We assist both sides in decision-making and in the start-up phase. Our goal is to create the basis for long-term, positive cooperation between candidates and new employers.