We connect

Qualified candidates with exciting companies. As personnel consultants, we care about the evolution, the development of the candidates and the companies. We find qualified candidates who meet the needs of the organization, and support careers with coaching and outplacement. Our goal is to create sustainable partnerships.

About us


Our candidates are professionally trained or have completed their studies (vocational school / university) and work as specialists in their profession as project leaders, product managers, developers, service technicians, installers, administrators, sales personnel, or another specialty field. Many have continued their education, speak several languages, and have successfully developed their careers to now be active as team leaders, sales managers, service managers, country managers, managing directors, or CEOs.


Our clients include manufacturing, trade, and service companies. We work for large, market-leading, globally-operating organizations as well as many SMEs that are successful in their respective niche. We support clients in the areas of construction, facilities engineering, building engineering, mechanical engineering, specialty retailing, measuring technology, chemical and construction materials, environmental technology, engineering, construction chemistry, packaging, fastening technology, door technology, reinforcement technology, electrical engineering, kitchen manufacturing, . . .

Core Competencies

We find the right candidate via connections, advertisements, our database, social networks, our network, and direct contact. We discuss the position and its requirements with our clients, advertise the position, search for qualified candidates across various channels, conduct interviews, evaluate applicants, and support our clients in the decision making process.