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Prognoses regarding the job market are difficult. Despite growing unemployment, we expect that a shortage of skilled workers will remain in many areas! With decreasing willingness to change jobs by candidates, it will be even more difficult to find qualified candidates for vacant positions. Fortunately, many of our clients think longer term; thus, in the first month of the lockdown, 4 candidates were able to sign a new employment contract. We remain optimistic about the future! We are happy to support both employers and employees in these challenging times and look forward to your call at +41 79 430 37 45.

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We manage a talent pool of qualified job seekers. Our candidates have professional training, often with further education or a degree from a university or technical school, and the requisite professional experience. Typical position profiles include:

Executives: CEO, country manager, senior management

Managers: sales manager, CFO, service manager, production manager, HR-manager, development manager, purchasing manager, team leader, …

Specialists: sales professional, field service rep, project manager, engineer, technician, product manager, marketing, finance and administration, HR, developer, …

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Our clients include many small and large SMEs, Swiss sales organizations, and major international corporations. We help companies with market development in Switzerland, turnaround situations, and recruitment for replacements. We conduct open or confidential searches with exclusive clients. Our clients are active in sectors ancillary to construction, in industry and trade; specific areas include HVAC, refrigeration, sanitation, electrical work, metal, gas, water, sewer, plastics, environmental technology, measuring technology, construction materials, pumps, fixtures, tools, automotive, fastening technology, construction chemistry, locking systems, engineering, services, commerce, finance, banks, . . .

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Core Competencies

Active search and headhunting. After discussing the vacant position with the employer in detail, we search for qualified candidates in our talent pool, via LinkedIn, Xing, and other databases, via direct contact and headhunting in our relationship network, and with online postings on various job boards. With structured interviews, we evaluate the suitability of candidates for the vacant position, create INSIGHTS MDI® personality profiles, check references, and support clients and candidates in reaching a decision.