About us

What connects us is interest in people. We are experienced managers, familiar with various industry sectors, the educational landscape, the employment market, and we have access to a large network. With a high level of commitment and motivation, we search for sustainable solutions for clients and candidates.


Our success is built on our professionalism. We handle ourselves with the utmost discretion and confidence, and make the individual the focus of our deliberations and actions. Sustainable solutions are our goal; we find a perfect match!


We are a young personnel consulting agency with a lot of experience. With several locations throughout Switzerland, we are developing a dynamic network. We work with a modern infrastructure, use innovative technologies, continually develop ourselves further, and find the right candidate for our clients.


Martin Zenklusen, Personnel Consultant, Managing Director

  • Personnel Consultant since 2014, Owner Evojob GmbH
  • 20 years of management experience as CEO, Managing Director, Country Manager, and Sales Manager domestically and internationally
  • Executive MBA University Zürich, Eidg. Dipl. Sales Manager, Marketing Planner with Specialty Degree, Lab Technician
  • Accredited INSIGHTS MDI® Consultant

Core Competencies

  • Management
  • Sales
  • Construction-related industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Trade

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